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LM Charts - 1970 - 1975 compiled by Dennis Worley

LM Charts - 1970 - 1975 interesting statistics analysed and compiled by Dennis Worley

LM Hit Parade - Top Singles 1968 - 1970

LM Radio top Hits of 1972



"Your LM Hit Parade" began in the early 50s as the Beyer Hit Parade and featured the Top 8 and then later the Top 10 most popular songs of the week. In the late fifties it became the Top 20 and was presented by David Davies until early in 1969 when it was taken over by Reg de Beer.

Reg presented the show first as a stand in for David Davies in 1968 and then when David left LM Radio, Reg became the main presenter until 6 July 1975. John Novick took over on 13 July 1975 and continued as the main presenter of the LM Hit Parade until the close of LM on 12 October 1975. 

The top twenty records of the week made up the core of the playlist and were played approximately every 4 and a bit hours during the daytime rotations.

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