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About LM Radio

LM Radio is an Iconic radio station born out of the original radio station known as Lourenço Marques Radio an independent radio station that broadcast to Southern Africa from the capital city of Moçambique. It set the standard for music radio and was the first commercial radio station to broadcast on Short Waves and the first commercial radio station in Africa. Historically, it broadcast to South Africa and Rhodesia from Lourenço Marques, the colonial era name of Maputo, between 1936 and 1975, hence the name “Lourenço Marques Radio”. After independence, the new government decided in October 1975 to close LM Radio and use the broadcast facilities for educational purposes.  Visit: www.lmradio.org for more history.

LM Radio returns. On Christmas Eve 2009, a voice that had last been heard on the airwaves three decades earlier returned with an emotion-filled announcement. “This is LM Radio, Moçambique’s English-language music station. We’re are back after a break of 34 years. I’m Peter de Nobrega. I made the closing announcement on LM Radio on October 12 1975 and it gives me great pleasure to make the opening announcement on this historic day in 2009”. And so LM Radio was re-born.

LM Radio with the tag line “Happy Listening” is Moçambique’s only English-language radio station. It broadcasts on 87.8 FM in Maputo and surrounding areas including Matola, Ponta do Ouro, and Ressano Garcia, on DSTV Moçambique channel 891 and on the LM Moçambique App.

LM Radio re-born


‘The LM Radio project started in August 2005 with Chris Turner’s dream to bring high quality music radio back to Southern Africa. The original LM Radio which broadcast from 1936 to 1975 was an independent radio station that set the standard for music radio. It was the first commercial radio to broadcast on Short Waves and the first in Africa.

Chris realised that the iconic station had both tremendous brand value and also provided a professional model for music radio which would appeal to the more mature listener. Chris researched LM Radio extensively to understand why it had been so successful and why it had been copied but never matched. After preparing a business plan, in 2006 he shared his dream with his long time friend Mark Williams, Peter de Nobrega programme manager at LM Radio in the 1970s and former Capital Radio DJ Dave Simons. And so the work began.

During the course of the next 2 years and several trips to Maputo between 2006 and 2008, Chris was fortunate to meet Sr Carlos Silva who had retired but who had worked as a producer for LM Radio between1952 and the close.  Sr. Silva provided Chris with a lot of insight into how things worked behind the scenes. He introduced Chris to Marcos Muledzera who was the then International Adviser for the public broadcaster, Radio Moçambique. Marcos facilitated introductions to all the right people and provided support and enthusiasm and introduced him Mr Luis Loforte, former technical director at Radio Moçambique. Recording studios were constructed at Telemedia in Rivonia near Johannesburg to be used for pre-recorded programmes. The music library was set up and satellite and Internet communication channels installed in preparation for going on-air. It was also at this time that Chris met Carlos Rebelo, a great LM Radio enthusiast and they became firm friends. To this day Carlos takes care of the technical and transmitter facilities, keeping LM Radio on air 24 hours a day no matter the weather.

In December 2009, LM Radio began a pilot broadcast on Radio Jovem’s transmitter. The station was such a huge success that Chris and his Moçambique partners applied in February 2010 for a permanent licence to broadcast to the people of Maputo, Matola and southern Moçambique.

On Air At Last

The Moçambique regulatory authorities the INCM (Institute for National Communications Moçambique) and Gabinfo processed the LM licence application efficiently. Following a technical inspection, LM Radio received a letter from the Gabinfo on 10 September 2010 granting the frequency 87.8 FM for Maputo. On 16 September the station hosted a delegation from the Gabinfo, headed by Gabinfo Director, Mr Ricardo Diamande.

The station was also honoured by the presence of Prof AJ Lopes, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo who had provided support, mentoring and facilitation. Also present was Mr Marcos Muledzera on behalf of Mr Luis Loforte who was unable to attend. LM Radio received a temporary licence to broadcast on 20 Sep 2010, while the permanent licence (Alvará) was being processed.

The first studios and transmitter were located in a multi-storey building with stunning views of the Cidáde de Maputo, the bay and as far as Macaneta.

The Next Stage

In December 2010 Mr Dave Hackney, deputy manager at Hotel Cardosa facilitated a move of the studios to more suitable premises at the Hotel from where LM Radio operated for nearly three years. As the popularity of LM Radio grew, the station outgrew the offices at the Cardosa. Mr Mário Gomes owner of Comercial Centro Marés on the Costa do Sol offered  LM Radio a permanent home at the shopping centre. LM Radio moved into purpose built studios and offices in November 2012.  Chris was very blessed to have a number of generous LM Radio listeners and businesses build the studios and provide office equipment, carpets and technical services. While there are too many people to mention individually, particular thanks go to Vic Irwin of Woodmaster, Swaziland who custom built the studio furniture, Internet Solutions Mozambique for the hosting of the transmitter and Abbey Moz for building the studios.

LM Radio Mozambique Today

In 2018, the rapidly changing business environment provided an opportunity to re-locate the LM Radio head office to the fast growing city of Matola at the newly constructed Novare Mall. The additional space permitted the construction of a recording studio for musicians in addition to an on-air studio. The Novare Mall also provides an ideal environment for special events and functions.

LM Radio serves foreign residents, visitors and Mozambicans who enjoy our style of music and who wish to improve their command of English. The station serves its listeners by being involved in local community events, arts and culture.  The style of broadcasting is friendly and personal. It is designed to have broad appeal. Stay tuned to 87.8 MHz FM in Maputo, Matola and surrounding areas to be kept up to date and in the know.