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Mathapelo Thapi
Show: Early Breakfast
Mathapelo “Thapi” is a qualified Sound Engineer. She is very passionate about the world of Radio and has worked for a variety of stations before being snapped up by LM Mozambique. As the senior studio technician, Thapi is a valuable member of the LM Mozambique team. As if she doesn’t have enough to do on the technical side, she also loves presenting her late night show to delight the night owls and shift workers.
Peter Wise
Shows: Peter Wise & LM Rocks
Peter has been behind the mic for 40 years – from campus radio [Top Student DJ in South Africain 1982], to prominent commercial and national stations in his hometown, Port Elizabeth, and Gauteng – presenting music, sport, travel and motorsport. Along the way, Peter has also been a music concert promoter, PR consultant, inspirational speaker and President of Lions International clubs.
Tim Alfredo
Show: Late Night Grooves
Tim Alfredo a the short name for Timóteo Benjamim Alfredo. He is a Mozambican national and has been a member of LM Radio since 2012 when he signed up for the station’s talent search program. He started as a weather reporter and news reader for the Breakfast show until he gradually moved to host his independent program Late Night Grooves. He has also hosted a season of LM Jazz which was aired every Sunday evening following the Hit Parade.
Chris Turner
Shows: LM Breakfast, LM Hit Parade & LM Hit Parade repeat
Trained as a Radio Technologist and worked in radio engineering and broadcast electronics. A radio enthusiast, he had his first break doing voice-over work for Capital 604. He subsequently worked part time on a number of community stations in South Africa and the UK. Married to Robbie with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Interests included: Photography, Wildlife, Good Food, Travel and Radio.
Bobby Louw
Shows: Twenty Golden Years & Off The Beaten Track repeat
Bobby Louw is one of SA’s most experienced studio and live musicians. He has appeared as a lead and backing vocalist, and also as a Producer, Arranger, and Musical Director on thousands of albums, live gigs and TV shows. Bobby was a lead-vocalist for Rick Wakeman (of Yes), and also sang with Peter Sarstedt on his SA tour. He was also a member of The Bats, and is one half of The Dream Merchants.
Vic Hall
Show: More Music Saturday
Radio has featured large in Vic’s life in South Africa. In 1989 he worked for Radio Good Hope, and then moved to Johannesburg, where, in 1990 he began working freelance for Radio 702. At the time, 702 was primarily a music station, and was broadcasting from Garankua in the “independent” homeland of Boputhatswana, although it also had a studio in Johannesburg. It was on 702 that Vic says he set a record for on-air broadcasting.
Chris Daffy
Show: Weekend Breakfast
Chris has radio in his blood, his father Mike was a presenter on LM Radio in the 50’s, he grew up under mixing desks in Rhodesia and South Africa. Schooled at St Albans College and Rhodes University. A rare mix of Economics, Industrial Psychology and Radio. He has inspiring Executive Management experience in, Digital Strategy, Productization, Telecommunications, ICT and Hospitality.
Show: More Music Sunday
Claudia Feio
Show: Mid Morning Show
Ray Mauele
Show: Afternoon Wave with Ray Mauele
Raimundo Julião Mauele known as "Ray Mauele", born In Maputo city, musician, and music producer, performer and arranger, piano and vocal teacher. On air presenter at LM Radio running the show "LM afternoon”. Worked for other radio as IT and sound technician, also produced adverts and jingles for radio stations and other companies. Ray is married and father of one sweet and beautiful daughter and a devoted Christian and piano player at church.