World Radio Day : Diversity and Inclusion

Amateur Radio, as we know, is a diverse hobby. It provides us with vast expanses of spectrum, which encourages variety in our technical investigations and use.

Just as our radio signals know and respect no borders, neither does diversity in amateur radio. I recently attended the kick off session for the IARU Region 1 strategy conference. It was astonishing to see how well the conference was attended from many dozens of countries across the region, spanning Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Just looking at the smiling faces and the eagerness with which the attendees were engaged underscored a fundamental principle of “the amateur’s unique ability to enhance international goodwill.”

The first conclusion I can draw from this, is that we need to stop drawing imaginary local, regional, or national boundaries when determining the diversity of our community. We truly need to think internationally, and this is in our DNA! Since 1925, we have been holding hands as a global community to protect and expand our radio privileges. To this day, the International Amateur Radio Union, plays as its international Secretariat, is rich with diversity, collaboration, and inclusion that aids in the fulfillment of its mission.

By David A. Minster

Chief Executive Office of American Radio Relay League